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version: 1.0.2

Kid Time

Easily control the time your kids spend using iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Many parents face the same problem – once your child gets a device in their hands, it is very difficult to get it back. Kid Time application allows you to set daily and session time limits for each child, teach them to use the device responsibly and share it.

  • Individual profile for each child that will be using the device. You can set up a session time limit, daily limit, child name and picture (either a photo or an avatar from the included library).
  • Every change is protected with a 4-digit passcode. The default passcode is 0000, you can change it any time in Settings – together with default session limit, daily limit and the sound.
  • After the time limit expires, the notification window keeps appearing together with a sound signal until the correct passcode is entered.

You will be surprised how easy is to teach the kids to accept the Kid Time application and how much more control you have over the time your kids spend playing games or watching videos. They will even learn to start the timer themselves as it becomes a natural condition for using the iPhone/iPod/iPad. And one more benefit - there are no more fights among siblings as they will learn to share the device after their session expires.
Number of Kids1unlimited
Session Limit60 minunlimited
Day Limit60 minunlimited
Avatar Library
Picture Library
Capture Photo

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